TOPEKA (KSNT) – A new technique that’s keeping robocalls ringing has Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt wanting a stricter review process from the government agency for communications.

According to the Kansas attorney general, phone companies were required earlier in 2021 to install caller ID authentication technology called STIR/SHAKEN. When robocallers use spoofing to make it look like they’re calling from local phone numbers, the new technology fights back by ensuring that telephone calls originate from verified numbers. However, robocallers are now evading this caller ID authentication by purchasing access to legitimate phone numbers to conceal their identities, according to Schmidt.

Schmidt joined attorneys general from 49 other states and the District of Columbia on Monday in sending a letter to the Federal Communications Commission in an attempt to reduce illegal robocallers’ access to legitimate phone numbers. The letter was submitted during a public comments session on proposed changes to the application process to get direct access to phone numbers.

The letter indicates they support the FCC’s proposals to implement a more thorough application, review and monitoring process for phone companies that request direct access to phone numbers. This process would require these companies to verify their customers’ identities to help keep the numbers from being sold, leased or rented to illegal robocallers.

In Kansas, Schmidt’s Consumer Protection Division works to enforce do-not-call laws and protect Kansas consumers from being harassed and scammed by robocalls. More information is available on the attorney general’s consumer protection website by clicking here.

Read the full letter from the attorneys general below:

Letter to FCC from attorneys general by Mark Feuerborn on Scribd