Kansas lawmakers condemn New York’s late term abortion law


Pro-life lawmakers say they’re disgusted by a New York law that was recently introduced and gathered at the state capitol to publicly announce a resolution condemning that law. The law allows late term abortions when a mother’s health is endangered, or the fetus isn’t viable.

The resolution introduced today by Kansas lawmakers won’t change that New York law or impact any Kansas abortion laws. 

But pro-life advocates like Senate President Susan Wagel say it’s about sending a message against what they call infanticide. “Appalled at the celebration that happened in New York City upon this new proclamation. And I think it’s just fair to say that we oppose that and it’s a horrific situation and we’re opposed to infanticide,” Wagel said.

Some lawmakers have introduced a bill that would change the Kansas Constitution to make abortion illegal. That bill is still being considered in the house.

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