TOPEKA (KSNT) Several states in the U.S. are making moves toward making recreational marijuana legal in the state.

States including Missouri and Oklahoma could decide at the polls in November. In both states, voters placed signed petitions to get the issue on the ballot. Some Kansans say that opportunity should be granted to voters in the state.

The Kansas Secretary of State’s office says no, only legislators can create ballot questions.

“Kansas does not have a provision for statewide ballot referendums other than approving or disapproving constitutional amendments in the legislature,” Whitney Tempel, director of communications and policy, said.

Gubernatorial candidates have also been questioned on the issue.

In a statement, Democrat Governor Laura Kelly said she would push for the legal use of medical marijuana, but did not comment on recreational use. Derek Schmidt believes legal recreational marijuana could have a negative impact on the state.

“I don’t want to see us do anything that encourages or substance abuse,” Schmidt said. “Or [any] additional substance addiction in Kansas.”

Studies show a large margin of Kansans support legal recreational marijuana. A recent poll shows over 66% of Kansans are in favor of legalization.