WASHINGTON (KSNT) — Newly sworn-in Kansas Sen. Roger Marshall shared his thoughts in front of the U.S. Senate Wednesday evening following protests at the U.S. Capitol.

During his remarks, Sen. Marshall spoke about his career in healthcare and how his time spent in developing treatment plans takes the same amount of care as making his decision on choosing whether or not to object electoral votes.

Marshall expressed disconcert in how certain states conducted their elections, especially the over-involvement some governors and secretary of states had in the electoral college.

Later, Sen, Marshall stated that the transition of power needs to be peaceful.

“We must and will have a peaceful transition of power,” Marshall said.

He hinted at the fact that he most likely will not object President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral votes following a siege of the Capitol building Wednesday, even after he had said he would object days earlier.

However, Marshall was one of the seven senators to object to Pennsylvania’s certification and one of six to object to Arizona’s certification of electoral votes despite his comments made on the Senate floor. He later repeated his words in an official post.

Sen. Marshall was not the only member of congress from Kansas to object.

Joe Biden was certified the winner of the election and will be in inaugurated Jan. 20.