COFFEYVILLE, Kan. (KSNW) — A man has been arrested for a murder that happened in Coffeyville on May 16.

An investigation into the murder by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI), the Coffeyville Police Department (CPD) and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office led to the arrest of 61-year-old David Jackson of Coffeyville on Monday.

Jackson was arrested on suspicion of suspected first-degree murder related to the death of 47-year-old Melvin Simpson Jr. of Coffeyville. Jackson was also arrested on suspicion of criminal possession of a weapon, felony obstruction of justice, and unlawful discharge of a weapon.

The KBI says officers from the CPD responded around 10:25 a.m. last Monday to a duplex located at 1301 W. 7th St. in Coffeyville after the Kansas City Missouri Police Department received a crime line tip that a body could be found there.

Upon arrival, the KBI said the CPD began observing the duplex until Jackson left the home. Officers briefly questioned Jackson and then went into the duplex.

The KBI says once Coffeyville police were inside, they found Simpson’s body.

According to the KBI, Simpson had been shot and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Jackson was arrested and detained on unrelated charges, according to the KBI. At the time of the new charges, Jackson was still in custody at the Montgomery County Jail.