KCK couple spends 40th anniversary battling COVID-19 in hospital together


KANSAS CITY, Kan. (WDAF) — A Kansas City, Kansas, couple’s wedding anniversary took a turn after they tested positive for COVID-19.

The Robersons had plans to be in Denver for their wedding anniversary on Sept. 19. Instead, they spent weeks in the hospital fighting for their lives.

Adrion and Vicky Roberson have 40 years’ worth of memories together. From being high school sweethearts to raising a family of three.

“Through the good, through the bad, you hang in there and you get through it,” Vicky Roberson said.

Through all their memories, they never thought their most recent one would be battling COVID-19 together on their 40th wedding anniversary.

“Day 1-7 was a blur,” Adrion Roberson said. “I don’t remember too much.”

Adrion said he contracted the virus first, and while he was fighting for his life, Vicky was admitted days later.

“Like I said, this COVID thing is evil, but praise God that we made it through it,” Vicky said.

Both were in the hospital for more than a week. They were not vaccinated.

“Most of the people who don’t take it look like me,” Adrion said. “I get it. Don’t trust the system. I don’t trust you. It took people I trusted, a nurse I didn’t know, to come into my room and say ‘Mr. Adrion, A to Z.'”

Weeks later, the Robersons have tested negative for the virus but still have a long road to recovery.

They’re still dealing with the long-term effects of the virus, including difficulty breathing. Vicky said one side effect she had when she got out of the hospital was brain fog. She said when she walked in her house, she was confused.

“COVID is as real as the skin on your bones, and it’s killing people,” Adrion said.

Now if the Robersons want to get the vaccine, they said they must wait 90 days after testing negative.

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