TOPEKA (KSNT)—The Kansas Department of Labor released an update Friday on how many jobs are available to Kansans.

KDOL leaders say it highlights mega job growth in Kansas. The report states the unemployment rate is at a record low of 2.4%, only up point .01% from May, but while the jobs may be available, the wages aren’t keeping up with inflation. According to the report, wages are down 4% from last June.

Kansas Work Placement Specialist Gary Westerman said many Kansans are unemployed by choice, and are looking for better opportunities in the job force. He also said companies are scrambling with the new demand for employees and inflation wreaking havoc on the economy.

“The employers are going back to the drawing board,” Westerman said. “Their looking at their wages and what other services they can provide to retain their employees.”

KDOL says there are three open jobs for every Kansan looking for work.