TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Kansas Highway Patrol is reminding motorists they aren’t the only ones using the roads and highways.

A variety of farm vehicles, such as trucks, tractors, combines and other implements, will be on the road more frequently as the fall harvest approaches. These vehicles are often slow and cumbersome, so motorists are advised by the KHP to use caution, have patience and #ShareTheRoad this year. Some tips the KHP encourages people to follow include:

  • #SlowDown if you see the orange/red slow-moving vehicle emblem.
  • Increase your follow distance.
  • Be patient! Don’t assume that a farmer can move aside to let you pass. Farmers have to assess the road for an area that can support the weight of the equipment without causing it to tip over.
  • Use extra caution when passing. Never pass while approaching curves, hills, bridges, intersections, or railroad crossings.