KANSAS (KSNT) – A Kansas State Trooper has been reinstated after his previous termination by the Kansas Highway Patrol.

The Kansas State Troopers Association made the announcement that Trooper Justin Dobler has been reinstated to his job after being terminated following a deadly chase.

In a statement made by KSTA President Bryan Clark, the organization said, “The Kansas State Troopers Association is thrilled with the outcome as it reversed one of many unjustified terminations that have been handed down by Col. Herman Jones and his administration.”

The KSTA said it hopes the, “decision will send a clear message to Governor Kelly and the citizens of Kansas that a change in leadership inside the KHP is absolutely necessary.”

Dobler was involved in a pursuit that left the passenger of the vehicle dead. During the chase, the driver of the car proceeded into oncoming traffic. After assessing the danger the driver posed, Dobler decided to use an authorized maneuver, known as a tactical vehicle intervention or TVI, to disable the vehicle. The car spun out and hit a telephone pole after striking a mailbox. The passenger of the car was seriously injured and died from the injuries

Dobler claimed his termination was retribution for speaking out against Col. Herman Jones after sexual allegations were made against the Colonel.

“Trooper Dobler had posted his support for them on Facebook because he was friends with them and knew them, and according to the Captain, that generated some angst and division from the Highway Patrol towards Trooper Dobler,” Sean McCauley, an attorney representing several troopers said. “That was before his involvement in this pursuit, and ultimately, we believe that was one of the motivations in terminating his employment.”

Ultimately, following a Highway Patrol investigation into the matter, Dobler was not charged with any wrongdoing. However, the driver of the car was charged with felony murder, and held responsible for the passenger’s death. Dobler went four months without hearing anything on the Patrol’s position on his termination, until July, when he was told that he was being terminated for his involvement in the pursuit.