Kansas Rep. Mark Samsel appeared in court Monday, counsel suggests a plea deal is in the works


Kansas Rep. Mark Samsel pled not guilty in May on all counts at his first hearing, after being charged with three counts of misdemeanor battery against a high school student.

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Kansas Rep. Mark Samsel appeared in court Monday morning at 11:30 a.m. after being charged with three counts of misdemeanor battery against a high school student in late April.

Samsel’s attorney Chris Scott has offered a proposal to the state with a possible plea offer. Representing the state, Brandon Jones asked the judge for an opportunity to speak with the victims before a decision is made.

A new status hearing will be held on Aug. 23.

Samsel’s attorney, Christopher Scott, asked and was granted a continuance until 11:30 a.m. Aug 16.
This was Samsel’s second appearance in Franklin County District Court after a mental health evaluation was ordered by the court. The ordered mental health evaluation had not been completed.

Kansas Rep. Mark Samsel was substitute teaching in the art classroom on April 26 when he was charged with two counts of battery for what prosecutors say happened that day.

According to both witness accounts, videos, and the affidavit, Samsel talked about the wrath of God, the devil and other topics during 5th period that day. A Video showed Samsel pushing a student into a wall and yelling, “I’m going to unleash the wrath of God on you.”

County Attorney Brandon Jones asked Judge Kevin Kimball that Samsel provide the court a copy of the mental health evaluation report under seal. Samsel is scheduled to appear at 11:30 a.m. before Magistrate Judge Kevin Kimball.

The Franklin County Sheriff`s Office arrested Samsel for a misdemeanor battery involving a student in the Wellsville School District. Samsel was working as a substitute teacher at the time. Samsel was arrested for misdemeanor battery involving a student. He has since been released on bond. The Kansas Rep. entered a not guilty plea on May 19.

The Kansas lawmaker previously said the high school battery incident was staged.

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