Local comedians remember Norm Macdonald’s stop in Kansas


WICHITA (KSNW) – Comedians in Wichita are remembering Norm Macdonald as affable, professional, and deeply into cerebral comedy. On Tuesday, the “Saturday Night Live star died from cancer at the age of 61.

“I think the realism of him,” said Chris Winslow with the Looney Bin of Wichita. “He is, he didn’t really mince his words. He wasn’t scared to say whatever he was going to say out there.”

In 2009, Macdonald had a two-day run at the Looney Bin of Wichita. Winslow and others played pool and had a few drinks with the well-known comedian.

“Well, I’m not the type that gets star struck, but he was the first person I remember doing ‘Weekend Update,'” said Winslow.

Ron “Biggs” Lively recalls Macdonald as both smart and funny.

“He was a comedian’s comedian,” said Biggs. “Anybody who does comedy or dabbles in comedy they were always excited to see Norm McDonald. He was a rare gift for us back then I think.”

“Sometimes people didn’t even understand how funny he was,” said Biggs. “As I said, he was a comedian’s comedian and made us all laugh.”

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