Mooving in: Kansas family welcomes calf as one of their own


TURON, Kan. — Holy cow!

The Geesling family grew by one last week, but it wasn’t like anyone in the family anticipated.

One of their cows gave birth to a calf several weeks early. When the cow either couldn’t, or wouldn’t, care for the calf, Garrett Geesling stepped in to help.

He named the calf Brick.

Courtesy: Danielle Geesling

They say it’s not the way things normally happen on their farm, but the Geeslings’ also know that as a farming family, they need to be ready for anything.

Brick is almost a week old now and is getting comfortable inside the family’s home. Check out Brick’s cushy life as the calf sleeps on a couple of dog beds.

Courtesy: Danielle Geesling

While Brick rides in the truck around the farm with Geesling, not everyone is thrilled with the new addition.

The Geesling family dog seems unsure about what’s going on as Brick takes some of his first steps inside the family’s farmhouse.

Courtesy: Garrett Geesling

You can see just how small the calf really is. This picture shows Brick standing next to a full-term calf born just two-days later. Brick is half the size of the other calves the Geeslings own, but so far he’s doing well.

Courtesy: Garrett Geesling

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