KANSAS CITY (KSNT) – Several people were injured and others were hospitalized over the holiday weekend due to fireworks-related incidents.

But what was the most common source of these firework injuries? According to the University of Kansas Hospital’s Burnett Burn Center, the answer is mortars, sparklers, firecrackers and M-80s.

These popular fireworks were listed as being the most common cause for injuries. The most common place to be injured was the hands and/or face. In total, 29 people from the ages of five to 45 were brought to the Burnett Burn Center from July 2 to 5. Eleven of these people received severe enough burns to be hospitalized.

The reports from the University of Kansas Hospital agree with statements given from the Kansas State Fire Marshal. A representative of the Fire Marshal’s Office told 27 news the majority of firework injuries are caused by artillery fireworks, mortars and smoke bombs. M-80s are illegal in Kansas and are listed as “extremely dangerous” on the Fire Marshal’s website.