TOPEKA (KSNT) — In honor of Veteran’s Day, Kansas State Treasurer, Lynn Rogers, is hoping to reunite veterans and their families with military awards, medals and insignia.

“We want to say thank you to our veterans and let them know that it’s just a small gesture, but our thanks is just beyond words for what they’ve done to serve us,” Rogers said.

The Treasurer attended a Veteran’s Day event in Leavenworth Thursday, where he spoke about the nearly 100 pieces of military items that have been found.

The treasurer’s office is responsible for managing unclaimed property. Rogers told KSNT’s Kansas Capitol Bureau on Thursday that items like this are usually found in abandoned safety deposit boxes. Eventually, the state has to get rid of those items, but Rogers said there are exceptions for military items.

“When we find family mementos and things that are very special to a family in safe deposit boxes, and at some point, we do have to get rid of those, but military items are something we will not part with, until we find the actual owner,” he said.

To search for any unclaimed property, military or otherwise, check the State Treasurer’s Office website.