TOPEKA (KSNT) – Nearly $100 million in lottery winnings remain unclaimed in Kansas.

Millions of dollars worth of lottery winnings lay unclaimed in Kansas, according to the Kansas Lottery. Prizes ranging from just a few thousand to in the millions are still waiting for someone to claim them nearly a year after they were won. This includes the recent Powerball jackpot prize of $92,900,000 won on Nov. 19.

Excluding the unclaimed Powerball jackpot win, $592,998 in various prizes are up for grabs across every part of the state with the smallest coming in at just $1,000 and the largest at $100,000. The Kansas Lottery told KSNT that winners have 365 days to claim their cash before the money is returned to the prize fund to be used for future prizes.

Some of the oldest prizes were declared in January 2022, giving winners only a few more weeks to claim the cash. The following list consists of unclaimed prizes as of Nov. 25, 2022:

DateGameSold in RegionPrize Amount
11/24/2022KenoNortheast Kansas$2,854
11/24/2022RacetraxSoutheast Kansas$3,346
11/23/2022PowerballNortheast Kansas$50,000
11/23/2022RacetraxSouth Central Kansas$1,591
11/23/2022RacetraxNortheast Kansas$1,296
11/23/2022KenoSouth Central Kansas$1,000
11/23/2022KenoSouth Central Kansas$1,000
11/21/2022RacetraxNorth Central Kansas$2,814
11/21/2022RacetraxNorth Central Kansas$5,628
11/20/2022RacetraxNortheast Kansas$1,129
11/20/2022RacetraxNortheast Kansas$2,258
11/19/2022PowerballNortheast Kansas$92,900,000
11/19/2022RacetraxSouth Central Kansas$1,061
11/19/2022KenoNortheast Kansas$1,369
11/16/2022Lotto AmericaNorth Central Kansas$1,000
11/16/2022Super Kansas CashNorthwest Kansas$2,000
11/14/2022PowerballNortheast Kansas$50,000
11/14/2022Super Kansas CashNortheast Kansas$2,000
11/12/2022Lotto AmericaNortheast Kansas$1,000
11/12/2022Super Kansas CashNortheast Kansas$2,000
11/11/2022Mega MillionsSoutheast Kansas$1,000
11/11/2022Mega MillionsSouth Central Kansas$1,000
11/9/2022Mega MillionsNorth Central Kansas$1,500
11/5/2022Super Kansas CashSouth Central Kansas$2,000
11/2/2022PowerballNortheast Kansas$50,000
11/1/2022Mega MillionsNortheast Kansas$1,000
10/29/20222 by 2South Central Kansas $22,000
10/26/2022PowerballSouth Central Kansas$50,000
10/24/2022RacetraxSouth Central Kansas$1,191
10/22/2022Super Kansas CashSoutheast Kansas$2,000
10/15/2022PowerballSouth Central Kansas$50,000
10/15/2022Lotto AmericaSouth Central Kansas$1,000
10/11/2022Mega MillionsNorth Central Kansas$1,000
10/2/2022Racetrax Northeast Kansas$1,950
8/30/2022Mega MillionsSouth Central Kansas$1,000
8/23/2022RacetraxSouth Central Kansas$1,243
8/23/2022RacetraxSouth Central Kansas$2,486
8/22/2022RacetraxNorthwest Kansas$1,026
8/22/2022RacetraxNorthwest Kansas$1,026
8/21/2022Lucky 4 LifeNortheast Kansas$5,000
8/3/2022Super Kansas CashSoutheast Kansas$2,000
7/23/2022RacetraxNorthwest Kansas$1,074
7/19/2022Mega MillionsNortheast Kansas$1,000
6/22/2022Super Kansas CashNortheast Kansas$2,000
6/18/2022KenoSouth Central Kansas$2,383
5/10/2022Mega MillionsNortheast Kansas$1,000
4/23/2022PowerballNortheast Kansas$1,000
4/23/2022PowerballNortheast Kansas$100,000
4/15/2022Mega MillionsNortheast Kansas$1,500
4/15/20222 by 2Northeast Kansas$22,000
3/1/2022RacetraxSoutheast Kansas$1,273
2/19/2022KenoNortheast Kansas$2,000
2/9/2022Lotto AmericaSouth Central Kansas$1,000
2/9/2022Lotto AmericaSouth Central Kansas $1,000
1/22/2022Lotto AmericaSouth Central Kansas$1,000
1/22/2022Lotto AmericaSouth Central Kansas$2,000
1/8/2022Lotto AmericaNortheast Kansas$1,000
1/8/2022Lotto AmericaNortheast Kansas$1,000
1/5/2022PowerballSouth Central Kansas$50,000
1/4/2022RaffleNorth Central Kansas$1,000
1/4/2022RaffleNortheast Kansas$1,000
1/4/2022RaffleNortheast Kansas$1,000
1/4/2022RaffleNortheast Kansas$5,000
1/4/2022RaffleSouth Central Kansas$1,000
1/4/2022RaffleSouth Central Kansas$10,000

To see the list of unclaimed lottery prizes on the Kansas Lottery’s website, click here.