JEFFERSON COUNTY (KSNT) – It’s that time of year again, the general election is less than four weeks away, with the deadline to register even closer.

Election Officers and County Clerks around the country are getting ready for the upcoming election.

“There’s just a lot of preparation,” Jefferson County Clerk Linda Buttron said. “We have election machines that have to be tested and prepared. We have electronic poll books that need to be tested and prepared, and just the process of filling advanced ballot applications – you’ve got envelopes and ballots and directions, lots and lots of paperwork.” 

Buttron has been Jefferson’s County Clerk for 22 years. She says there was about a 52% turnout for the primary held earlier this year, which is a lot for the county. She’s expecting that momentum of active community participation, to carry through with the upcoming November election.

“I’ve seen since 2020 we’ve had more people getting out to vote,” Buttron said. “I think they’ll continue to vote on election day.” 

Having that active engagement within the community, makes all the difference on election night.

“Community engagement is one way that you need to affect the race,” Buttron said. “If you want to have a say you have to vote. My aunt ran for register of deeds many years ago, and she won that race by one vote, so every vote makes a difference.” 

If you still need to register to vote, you have until this upcoming Tuesday. You can find resources to get you registered here.