RILEY COUNTY (KSNT) – A man who held his girlfriend captive and tortured her in a Manhattan hotel is sentenced to 363 months by the Kansas Department of Corrections.

Isain Lopez was sentenced Tuesday by Judge Kendra Lewison after he was convicted to 272 months for aggravated kidnapping, 41 months for robbery, 32 months for aggravated battery, 12 months for aggravated domestic battery and six months for criminal threats. 

According to authorities, Lopez held his girlfriend captive in a Manhattan hotel where he “repeatedly beat her with his fists, poured hot water on her feet from a coffee maker, strangled her to the point of losing consciousness, and stomped and kicked her with shoes on.  Mr. Lopez struck the victim with his fist to the point the victim suffered temporary hearing loss in one ear.”

“I, the victim, and her family were very satisfied with the sentence imposed by Judge Lewison. The defendant Isain Lopez is a dangerous individual, his conduct on Aug. 20 and 21 of 2020 showed a great amount of depravity and cruelty towards a human being, the sentence was a just sentence,” Riley County Attorney Barry Wilkerson said.