Rolling Hills Zoo announces arrival of a new snow leopard


SALINA, Kan. (KSNT) – Kansas has a new resident. Sherman, a snow leopard, has been acquired by the Rolling Hills Zoo west of Salina.

After completing his quarantine Sherman will go on exhibit at the Zoo’s snow leopard exhibit.

The leopard is 18-months old and comes to Kansas from Seneca, New York.

“He is very friendly and talkative. He likes to interact with his keepers and is capable of making many different vocalizations. He is very playful and likes to hide when he hears you unlocking the door to come in so he can sneak up and surprise you. He’s not very good at hide and seek, but we don’t want to hurt his feelings so we act surprised and tell him he’s very sneaky,” Sara McGinnis, RHZ Vet Tech, said.

While exact numbers are hard to find there may be as few as 3,920 and probably no more than 6,390 snow leopards left in the wild.

“He knows multiple different behaviors – how to sit, stand up, lie down, and line up for exams and injections. He’s very food motivated and loves his daily meat, bones, bloodcicles, meat baby food, certain organ meats, but certainly not fish. Forget it, no sushi for this guy! Sherman will be very loved by staff and the zoo’s guests as he gets settled into his new home,” McGinnis said.

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