Santa needs help finding a young child with a Christmas wish in Garden City


GARDEN CITY, Kan. (KSNW) – Soon, people will begin searching for the perfect Christmas gift, but for one community, they have the gift but are searching for the child.

For the past eight years, Kris Kringle himself has helped out Garden City teacher Ron Whited.

“Mr. Whited asked me to come down and help him with a fundraiser for his students that was initiated by his students to take field trips out of the area, to go someplace where we can learn something new in the community,” said Garden City Santa Kris Kringle.

Kris Kringle poses for photos with local families, in return for a donation to the class, for extras, like field trips.

It’s become a loved and appreciated tradition, but this year, Kris Kringle has a new duty while he is in town.

“My son, Ben, ran about two miles to catch this balloon, and I said we’ve got to get this letter to Santa, this is a lost letter to Santa, it’s got to make its way to Santa,” said Ashley Oyler, the mother of the family that found the letter.

“Dear Santa, I have been a good boy. This Christmas I would like a Paw Patrol toy and Kitchen toys and Paydirt Pete toy. Be safe and take care. Love Lucas…”

“It’s really funny from the road seeing two men chasing after a balloon in a field,” said son Zack Oyler.

This is the Christmas wish from a boy named Lucas. The letter that went off track now has Mr. Whited’s class asking for the public’s help to find Lucas, so they can give him his Christmas wish.

“I hope he continues to believe in like the Christmas magic,” said student Mckenna Jagels.

“I’m glad he reached out, and it’s my wish that he gets the Christmas he hoped for,” said student Kiana Hankins

“I hope he gets what he wants for Christmas, and he enjoys it a lot,” said student Lilly Moore.

“We would just like to do something nice for Lucas,” said Kris Kringle.

If you know who Lucas is you can reach out to Garden City Kris Kringle on Facebook, email Kris Kringle at, or send in suggestions to KSN.

If you would also like your photo taken with Santa or to donate towards the student’s fundraiser they will be taking photos at the Windsor Hotel, 413 N. Main, Garden City, Kan. 67846 and more information can be found here.

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