KANSAS CITY (KSNT) – Evergy has posted a warning to its customers regarding a new tactic being used by scammers in Kansas and Missouri on Thursday.

Andrew Baker, a spokesman for Evergy, said scam callers are fraudulently claiming to be representatives of Evergy and are telling customers that they need to send money through the app “Cash App” to avoid their power being shut off. Baker said these calls do not originate from Evergy, and that customers can verify a legitimate call from Evergy by contacting the Customer Contact Center.

Evergy is noticing a trend in which most scammers are claiming to be an Evergy customer service representative to get the customer to give away credit card information or other personal information, according to Baker. The scammers will tell the customer that a check has bounced or that he/she has a past-due bill. The scammers will usually ask customers to use a pre-paid card for payment.

Baker said Evergy will never ask a customer to buy a pre-paid debit card to pay for service. In regards to past-due accounts, calls from Evergy requesting payment are never made on the same day as the disconnection.

If you are unable to verify that you’re speaking to an Evergy employee, don’t give them any information, according to Baker. Customers of Evergy in Missouri and the Kansas Metro can reach customer service by calling toll-free at 1-888-471-5275. Customers of Evergy in Kansas can call 1-800-383-1183. Customers can also review their account online at www.evergy.com.

Evergy recently launched an enhanced online collection scam reporting form to help stop scams like this, Baker said. To report scam attempts, click here.