TOPEKA (KSNT) – The Kansas Bureau of Investigation is warning Kansans that the agency’s phone number has been spoofed.

Caller ID spoofing is when a caller deliberately falsifies a number on your caller ID to disguise their identity, according to the KBI.

The goal of the caller is to get people to trust them and more likely to get people to share personal information. As a precaution, the KBI has issued a warning and offered some tips to prevent people from getting scammed.

  • The KBI might call you related to a case or to arrange an interview, but you will not receive an unexpected call from us requesting your social security number, date of birth, account number, or other personal information.
  • Never give personal information out over the phone unless you have initiated a phone call to an agency or service.
  • If a caller is acting suspicious, it is okay to hang up and look up the number on your account statement, or on a public website to verify its authenticity.