NEWTON, Kan. (KSNW) – Animal control calls her Polly Pocket. They don’t know her name, but they know she was severely abused.

“She has six broken ribs, her shoulder has like two different breaks in it, broken toe, two broken vertebrae, and then broken tailbone,” said Newton Police Animal Control officer Lyndsey Robinette.

Polly pocket pup survivor
Polly Pocket. KSN Photo

A Newton Police Department officer recently found Polly wandering out a tree line in Newton off 12th Street.

Robinette stepped in, and the city got basic X-rays to find out what was broken and see if anything internally was punctured.

Caring Hands Humane Society of Newton, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping companion animals, got to work on getting medical help and more X-Rays.

“She was abused. These injuries show that, and she was severely malnourished,” said Lauren Kingsley at Caring Hands Humane Society in Newton. “We were worried at first. So it’s not very common that we see a dog that has this much stress.”

“It’s nice to see them bounce back from something like this, especially for how severe she is, and I would have never guessed she had half the injuries that she has,” said Robinette.

Robinette says they continue to look for an owner and charges are possible given the severity of the injuries.

Caring Hands Humane Society says it’s not easy caring for animals in this condition, but it’s a labor of love.

“We’re animal people, and we love animals is such an understatement,” said Kingsley. “We live for them, and we put ourselves through so much sadness that we can see them get adopted and have their happy endings too.”

If anyone wishes to donate to Caring Hands Humane Society, they can do so by clicking here. The non-profit offers a variety of ways to donate, such as monetary donations, memberships, and t-shirts. All donations will contribute to the care of the animals: food, medicine, supplies and more.