SEDAN, Kan. (KSNW) — Drivers in Sedan had to dodge something different than potholes Wednesday morning. They had to avoid flowers in the road.

Someone planted flowers in potholes in Sedan on April 12, 2023. (Photo Courtesy Sedan Police Department)

The Sedan Police Department said someone planted flowers in several potholes. The police said it happened in the early morning hours in the 700 block of North Montgomery Street.

The Police Department had a little fun with the story on its Facebook page.

“Be on the lookout … We are asking the public’s assistance in the apprehension of these suspects who have been aptly dubbed ‘The Pothole Bandits,'” the Police Department said. “These bandits are described as having a facetious look in their eye, ornery grins, green thumbs and wearing fast running shoes. Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.”

It then went on to say why people should not plant flowers in potholes.

“Seriously though, we absolutely get the humor in your prank, but the only people you’re hurting are the City employees who have the laborious task of cleaning these holes out.”

Police say drivers should take their concerns to the town’s mayor or the city council.

One person commented that people should not have to reach out about it and asked, “What’s the excuse?”

The Sedan Police Department responded that crews were currently fixing the potholes.

The person replied, “Awesome see the flowers worked.”

Other people also had some fun comments:

  • Flowers are “prettier than warning cones.”
  • “Don’t patch over my fishing hole.”
  • I could plant some trees on some of the county roads.”