The Rocking Chair Rockettes hit the stage at WSU


WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Most people dance like no one is watching but for the Rocking Chair Rockettes, a room full of spectators were astonished by their dance moves.

“We expect to make history today, ” said Rocking Chair Rockette performer, Patti Odom.

Rocking the dance floor one step at a time, the Rocking Chair Rockettes shook their tail feather to the beat of Jingle Bell Rock.

“I think the movement part is real good for us because some of us have real problems with movement and its good for us to shake our legs and shake our bodies a little bit,” said Odom.

Odom says they’ve been practicing for this day close to two months now, and are excited to show their moves tonight at Wilner Auditorium.

Aside from their joyful moves, Pattie Odom says they have a unique look that separates them from everybody else.

“They’re just magnificent you know they set us apart as the Rocking Chair Rockets,” said Odom.

Tonight their bows were on display as they shared the stage with dance students from WSU for a holiday performance.

“We feel absolutely chosen to be invited, you know, to perform. We enjoy meeting them and they were so gracious to us,” said Odom.

“You don’t see a single person on stage without a smile on their face like they’re always having so much fun, and I think us being up there too definitely elevates that,” WSU student Kalene Blanton.

“They’re basically having a party on stage and we get to join the party,” said WSU student Sara Boehm.

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