TOPEKA (KSNT) – Top state officials are weighing in on a mail scam circulating in several Kansas counties.

Kyle Strathman with the Kansas Insurance Department (KID) said in a press release that his department and the Office of the Kansas State Treasurer have received numerous reports of a widespread mail scam. Letters claiming to be from an attorney with law firms in Canada state there are millions of dollars in an unclaimed life insurance policy available. The sender asks the recipient of the letter to partner up with them to claim the cash.

Both the Brown County Sheriff’s Office and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office put out warnings to local residents in March about a scam where letters stated around $10 million was available to be claimed.

“Unfortunately, scams like this are nothing new,” KID Insurance Commissioner Vicki Schmidt said. “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. You should always be cautious of any unsolicited offer that promises no risk but requires your personal information before you can claim an alleged benefit.”

Strathman said legitimate ways exist to check for both a life insurance policy benefit and unclaimed property through valid sources. For Kansas residents to find a life insurance policy, they are encouraged to use the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ Life Insurance Policy Locator. You can also check for unclaimed property in your or a loved one’s name by visiting the Treasurer’s Unclaimed Property division or by calling 785-296-4165.

“There are no fees associated when locating unclaimed property – including old life insurance policies that have been remitted to our office,” Kansas State Treasurer Johnson said. “While we may follow up to request additional information to verify your claim, these letters will come directly from our office, not from a third party. You can always contact our office to verify that a letter is authentic.”

You can report suspected insurance fraud by visiting the KID’s Anti-Fraud Division at 785-296-5203 or by sending an email to You can find more information on how to report insurance fraud online through the KID’s website by clicking here. The Kansas Attorney General’s Office also maintains various resources to help those who are the victims of scams. You can find more information online by clicking here.