UPDATE: The empty coal train that was parked near Emporia has been moved, according to BSNF. Ben Wilemon, External Corporate Communications Manager with BNSF contacted KSNT and said the train had been stopped when the train crew’s hours expired. It was moved Thursday afternoon.

EMPORIA (KSNT) – Residents unhappy with a parked train at Highway 50 and Road A on the Lyon/Chase County border have contacted the Lyon County Emergency Communications Center with what the center describes as “not so friendly” calls.

Lyon County Communications has contacted BSNF numerous times, according to the Lyon County Emergency Communications Center social media page.

“We did make them aware that this is a crossing that many travelers used. However, there was no estimated time of removal was given,” the page said.

KSNT has reached out to BSNF and will update this article when they get a response.

Residents are being asked to contact BSNF directly.