Translator for Kansas troops gets out of Afghanistan


WICHITA (KSNT) – One Wichita attorney has learned that an Afghanistan translator for Kansas troops is now out of the country on Monday.

“We started off with a family of five, which is who we got out today,” said Wichita civil rights attorney James Thompson. “We just can’t stop smiling because we’re so happy about it. But then that smile, that happiness is tainted or tinged with the fear for these other families.”

Thompson says some Kansas veterans, both retired and active, reached out to him. That group included some troops who got to know their translators in Afghanistan very well recently.

“The process for an Afghan national to get out is very complicated,” said Thompson. “This process can take several months to even several years.”

Thompson says the family of five got out with lawmakers’ help and many hours of phone calls and logistics.

He also says translators are being hunted.

“The thing we are most worried about is people being killed. The head of one of the families has already been killed,” said Thompson. “He was a translator for some of our Kansas folks, so we’re trying our best to get these families to get them out. But time is ticking away, and we don’t know what’s going to happen.”

KSN News recently got a response from Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Kan., who actively tries to move American citizens still in the country.

“Well, the situation in Afghanistan remains chaotic and unstable,” said Marshall. “Our staff stands ready to help Kansans with family, friends or loved ones who are still trying to exit the country. I understand the dangerous and unpredictable conditions occurring in Afghanistan right now and stand ready to provide assistance to Kansans and all Americans seeking to return to the U.S.”

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