Trial begins for man accused of stabbing Wichita woman 30 times


WICHITA, Kan. (KSNT) — A jury has been seated and opening statements began Tuesday in the trial of a Wichita man accused of stabbing a woman 30 times.

Wade Dunn is charged with attempted first-degree murder. Police arrested him on Sept. 23, 2019, after investigators said he stabbed a woman several times while she was loading laundry into her car near 17th and Doreen.

In opening statements, the prosecuting attorney claimed Dunn crouched behind the car and then ran up to the victim and began stabbing her. The prosecutor said the victim dropped to the ground, tried to take a defensive position, and begged Dunn to stop. She said she was a mother and asked why he was attacking her.

The prosecutor said Dunn did not say a word, and just kept stabbing the victim, 30 times in all.

During the defense’s opening statement, Dunn’s attorney said the evidence will show that Dunn was high on K2 and meth.

The attorney said that as the trial progresses, the jury will hear what was going through Dunn’s mind before and after the attack. He said the jury will not hear any evidence that the crime was premeditated or that there was any intent to kill.

Dunn is also facing federal charges after leaving a treatment facility and not returning.

After opening statements, the prosecution began calling witnesses, including the victim’s neighbor who called 911 and the first police officers who arrived.

The prosecution also showed the jury video from a surveillance camera and a police body camera.

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