TOPEKA (KSNT)- La Manda Broyles with the Topeka Rescue Mission joined the 27 News Morning show to speak about the Warehouse Sale happening right now, as well as how they’re gearing up for the colder months ahead.

When speaking about the sale, she mentioned it is one of the most fun events they put on all year.

“I don’t know who looks forward to it more, my staff or the community,” Broyles said.

Starting on Sept. 28-30, TRM has its warehouse in NOTO packed with different items that they are not using in the completion of programs. None of the items have price tags, and people are invited out to browse the items, donating whatever they can at the time for the items they want.

“If another place is struggling financially, they can come and get items that they need or want,” Broyles said. “And then people that might not be financially struggling, we see them being very generous and giving extra.”

She said that while one side of the warehouse is dedicated to the sale right now, the other side is already dedicated to housing winter supplies.

“We are already trying to gather the gloves, the hats, the handwarmers,” she said. “I will say the hand warmers and feet warmers are something that we try to get ahead of time just because they can be scarce once the cold weather hits.”

She said that this winter season could look different because of the new ordinance going into effect in November.

“We are still trying to make sure that we are prepared with supplies and then trying to make sure we are prepared ahead of time with outreach efforts,” she said.

Either way, she says the TRM is prepared to remain flexible as the city progresses with the new ordinance.

As of right now, Broyles said people can help by thinking about what they need, or what keeps them safe and warm to get through the winter months.

“And if you have the ability to donate any of those items, that is extremely helpful,” she said.

Donations can be taken to 401 NW Norris at the Distribution Center. If you can’t donate in person, you can donate online by clicking here.

Broyles also mentioned Sen. Roger Marshall visiting homeless camps in Topeka. You can watch the full interview above to hear more, or click here to read the article on our website.