KDOT treatment plan to deal with drifting snow


KDOT crews have been on the road since early Sunday morning working to make the streets safe.

Crews reported to work at 7 p.m. Saturday night and have been clearing the snow since 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning. 

Their trucks have a lot of capabilities, including the ability to distribute the precise amount of salt per lane mile, along with features that tell drivers the temperature of the ground. That helps determine what kind of treatment they can use on the roads. 

“Road [temperature] has gotten up high enough that the salt is gonna do it’s job breaking up whatever’s still stuck down, clean the roads off, and then traffic will help us grind that down into any of the snow packed that we have,” said Josh Heigert with KDOT. 

The friction from tires driving repeatedly actually helps them clear the roads. They have to go over each state highway at least two or three times to make sure it is completely cleared.

“Blowing snow isn’t go to go away until the wind quits blowing and we just gotta keep it pushed off the best we can, but we can’t do a lot of treatment, we can’t do a lot because it just makes ice,” said David Studebaker, KDOT Highway Maintenance Manager. 

KDOT said that you can expect things to be cleared by Monday afternoon. 

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