WASHINGTON COUNTY (KSNT) – Clean-up efforts in Washington County are advancing following last month’s massive oil spill at Mill Creek.

About 14,000 barrels of oil spilled into Mill Creek after a section of the Keystone Pipeline burst.

According to TC Energy, the operators of the pipeline, it is temporarily diverting Mill Creek from a location upstream of the pipeline spill to downstream of the containment dams. The diversion includes the installation of water pumps and an above-ground bypass line. According to the energy company, the diversion will assist in the clean-up and reclamation of the creek.

TC Energy has also announced it will be donating $7,500 toward mobile and radio equipment to enhance the communication and response capabilities of the Washington County emergency responders.

The company is also expanding its community giving program to the Washington County Hospital. The public will be able to contribute with 100% marching from TC Energy’s Build Strong Program.