Kids turning dreams into clouds at Kansas Children’s Discovery Center


Kids are learning about Martin Luther King by turing their dreams into clouds.

The Kansas Children’s Discovery Center opened their doors on Monday, Jan. 21, to teach kids about the civil rights leader. To get kids to relate to King’s message, they wrote their dreams on clouds. Kids also listened to the “I Have a Dream” speech.

The center said even though the kids are young, they still want to give them a voice.

“Little children can often connect to the message of Martin Luther King through talking about their dreams, and how they want to improve the community,” said Director of Marketing, Laura Burton. “We believe Martin Luther King Day is important for our community to celebrate. And a lot of people don’t think they can talk to young kids about the issues he was passionate about. About racial justice, about fairness. And so it’s important for us to give them a place, a platform, about those issues.”

The Kansas Children’s Discovery Center also announced that next month, members of the Topeka Zoo will get in free, and vice versa, for their Member Swap Month. To learn more about the upcoming memberships opporutnties, click here.

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