KU fans showing support in Salt Lake City


If you ask the fans around Lawrence, a few things are certain in life. Death Taxes and KU basketball. No matter where the team goes, they’ll have fans, and that’s the beauty of the crimson and blue 

The Jayhawks got on the floor in Salt Lake City for the first time this morning and local KU alumni are excited to have their team here, but it wasn’t necessarily expected. 

“We were not anticipating to have them here in Salt Lake, we were anticipating just having to do a big watch party, so it’s great to see all our fans locally and from all over the country,” Devon Cantwell, the Salt Lake City representitive for KU’s alumni association, said. 

Although it may not have the intensity and atmosphere of Allen Fieldhouse, Kansas transplants in the SLC will bring the noise and welcome fellow members of the rock chalk family to their town.  

“A lot of Ku alumni, we’ve got about 700 in the area, you can expect a really warm welcome from the jayhawks that are living here in salt lake, and jsut a really good sports culutre, we’ve got a lot of professional teams here so people get really excited for these big events,” Cantwell said

They’ve got plenty of events lined up as well. Pregame will be around a music venue called the Depot with special deal for KU alumni association members, then the watch party for those not headed to the game will be at one of the best local sports bars, Legends. 

“This is actually going to be our first watch party from legends Family friendly environment….a lot of the alumni here have grandkids and kids, so you can expect a really family friendly environment for the watch party here.”

And if the Jayhawks win tomorrow, they’ll do the pregame and watch part at the same locations again on Saturday. 

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