LA woman outraged after deceased mother not buried months after funeral

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NEW IBERIA, La. (KLFY) – A New Iberia woman is outraged after learning her deceased mother is still not buried more than two months after her funeral.

Jade Thibodeaux says she has no more tears left to cry after going back and forth with the funeral home and the cemetery groundskeeper about her mother’s grave.

Now she wants answers from the people who were supposed to provide comfort while dealing with the loss of a loved one

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“Come to find out, when my friend came Saturday to put flowers on the grave, she (my mother) wasn’t in the spot she was supposed to be in.”

Jade Thibodeaux says her mother died in November of 2018.

It rained the day of her funeral on December 7, and in good faith, she believed the groundskeeper when he said the vault would be buried when the weather cleared up.

“We couldn’t bring her there because it was so muddy, so we stopped and had the services here,”  Thibodeaux said while referencing the grassy curbside location of the cemetery.

Not only is her mother still above ground, but the vault company opened the wrong tomb when trying to assure Thibodeaux her mother was where they said she was.

“So, when they proceeded to open up another one, I immediately stopped them. I let them know I was going to seek legal advice because that shouldn’t be done like that.”

St. Matthew Cemetery groundskeeper, Ronald Boseman, said in regards to there being another body in her mother’s plot, the concrete they saw is from a slab that was poured when a house occupied the lot.

But when the vault company opened the wrong tomb, it was a mistake.

“By no deliberate act was this done. It was just a human error,”  Boseman said.

He recently inherited the graveyard, Boseman said and hasn’t yet got a handle on the day-to-day operations.

In the future, Boseman says they’ll be hoping for fair weather and need to be more cautious in identifying gravesites.

Thibodeaux says at this point she’s not sure where the family is going to bury her mother.

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