Late rains put Kansas wheat harvest behind schedule


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – Rain in May and June pushed back planting wheat for farmers across the state, also pushing back harvesting in some local counties.

Normally at this time, two thirds of the state’s wheat has been cut, but right now only one third has been cut.

The last two months were too cool for the plants to mature and the added rainfall has delayed harvesting about two weeks.

Another challenge in harvesting the plants with all the recent rain is making sure the equipment can be successful in the fields.

Local experts said it’s all about finding the perfect time to harvest.

“Once it’s ready to go you don’t want any more rain on it because that then hurts the quality, it’ll take the yields down a little bit, so we need these dry winds to continue for a few more days to get all the wheat harvested,” said Chuck Otte, Kansas State Geary Co. Extension Agent.

Otte said from the reports he’s seen, the quality of the wheat is looking good, despite being late.

He also said you’ll be seeing more farmers out harvesting in the next few days.

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