Lawmakers consider limiting school drills


Kansas lawmakers are considering a bill that would restrict the number and types of drills in schools. 

That bill passed out of the Senate is now in the House Education Committee.

It would require three of nine required drills to be crisis drills. There would also be four fire and two tornado drills throughout the year.

Last year, schools were required to have sixteen different drills. Legislators like Senator Molly Baumbardner believe the new bill offers a better solution to get students prepared.

“We heard in testimony that we have 50-60 fires in schools each year and so we want our kids as well as our faculty and staff to know what to do if there is an emergency, but having a drill every two weeks was just excessive and intrusive,” Baumgardner said. 

Senator Baumgardner also said the amount of snow days this year has made it harder with the increase in drills.

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