Lemonade stand hopes to raise thousands for kids with special needs


An annual lemonade stand hopes to raise thousands of dollars for kids with special needs. The Easton Moore Memorial Lemonade stand has been raising money for TARC for the past five years.

Each year the stand sells lemonade, cupcake, and other baked goods rain or shine.

“The rain kind of kept us from the customers a little bit, but as long as they keep coming I’ll keep serving,” said Cameron Moore, the 9-year-old lemonade stand organizer.

The lemonade stand is in honor of Cameron’s brother Easton, who died of a heart defect in 2013. Now, Cameron is happy to raise money for kids just like his brother.

“He had TARC to help him with everything and his special needs and they would buy him special stuff that he needed,” said Cameron.

This year, Cameron is hoping to raise more than $4,000. He hopes to take the first $1,000 and establish his own non-profit that can help kids year round.

His father, Christopher, says he is in awe of everything his son has been able to accomplish.

“To see your son take something that was such a dark moment in our lives and turn it in to something bright by giving it back to other people,” said Christopher. “It’s something I’m very proud of for sure.

The Easton Moore Memorial Lemonade Stand continues from 9 AM to 4 PM Sunday outside Shawnee Heights Elementary School at 2410 SE Burton Street in Topeka.

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