Living a bug’s life


MANHATTAN, Kan. (KSNT) – You’ve surely heard their summer song.

That steady hum of cicadas heard on warm, sunny days is more than just noise. Its serves a purpose.

K-State senior, Patricia Melton said, ” I think by making this on a larger scale people are able to appreciate the beauty of it.” This as she held a stuffed cicada she made, to show people what life is like from the bugs point of view.

By touching the art project at various intensities, you can see how the cicada responds to human interaction in real time.

The project came together as part of a class assignment.

The art student has a concentration in experimental media, making the combination of creativity and tech a no brainer.

But what inspired her to work with cicadas? Melton told KSNT News, “I would move to a lot of different places and everywhere I could hear the cicada…I knew what they were and I thought they were really fun.”

Melton went on to say the bugs made her “feel at home.” She hopes others can find comfort in insects through interaction with her creation.

Through the project, Melton found cicadas help the earth by aerating soil and laying eggs that fall from tree bark and feed other animals.

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