Local art teacher works to spark creativity in students


Blake Zachritz has been teaching art at Topeka Collegiate School for 20 years. 

She teaches all of the students at the school from pre-K through 8th grade. 

“I go home at the end of the day done in, and on the weekends I’m done in too,” said Zachritz.  “But it’s fun and I enjoy it.”

Zachritz said she works to create a curriculum that is unique and relevant to each grade level. 

“We have art history throughout all the grades,” said Zachritz.” “The pre-k students have art history lesson on Mona Lisa that they just love.”

Each year she also has her students create a small self-portrait each year starting in pre-K and ending in their final year at the school in 8th grade. 

She said her students look forward to art projects they’ll get to do as they get older. 

“In a way, it puts a lot of pressure on me to be sure that I can teach… with the same enthusiasm that I taught [art] with 20 years ago,” said Zachritz. “But I try my best.”

Zachritz also puts on an art show for her students to display their work each year. 

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