Local breweries sell beer to benefit California wildfire victims


It was just under two months ago that California experienced it’s deadliest wildfire. Now there’s a way to help the victims, by drinking beer. 

When the Camp Fire, as it came to be known, started in the hills over Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. in the fall, it quickly turned into the most destructive wildfire in California’s history. 

Nearly 100 people died in the Northern California fire. About 50 Sierra Nevada Brewing Company employees lost their homes.

Sierra Nevada decided to raise relief money by doing what they do best. They created a drink that other breweries could recreate. 

The brewery anticipated that just 200 other breweries would help, but now over 1,500 breweries are serving their beer, including breweries in Topeka. 

“They got with all the distributors of the grain the malts and the hops,” said Kristin Hurst at Happy Basset. “They got everyone to donate all the materials so we donated the labor and the time, and we brewed the beer.” 

Sierra Nevada’s suppliers donated all the materials to the local breweries around the nation so that they could follow the “Resilience IPA” recipe. Every dollar they sell from the beer will go straight to those impacted by the fire. 

Norseman Brewing Company is also pouring out the beer. They described it as a clean beer with citrus flavors. 

“The brewing company is actually like a community all into itself, we’re all about helping the community and helping local brewers,” said Sheila Gutierrez at Norsemen Brewing Company. 

Norseman said every batch around the country will taste different based on their local water and brewing techniques. 

“It’s kind of fun, you can definitely taste Sierra Nevada characteristics in the recipe,” said Hurst. 

The brewery’s founder hopes to raise $15 million. All you have to do is drink to donate. 

You can find it at Happy Basset Brewing Co., Norsemen Brewing Company and Iron Rail Brewing. The Blind Tiger has already finished their batch of the Resilience IPA.

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