Local family coming together after fire


On Thursday of last week a space heater started a house fire, now the children that lived there are at their aunt’s house trying to live a normal life.

Vanessa Robinson’s living room doesn’t normally have a bed in it, but it does now after she opened up her house for her niece and nephews to stay in.

It’s something she says she didn’t hesitate doing since they can’t live at their house anymore.

“They went from, you know, this being their safe haven, their home where they had everything to absolutely nothing. My nephews have not a piece a clothing except for what I’ve gone out and purchased for them,” said Robinson.

The fire started when a blanket got too close to a space heater in her nephews’ room.

“I was scared, I went downstairs to tell the people that there was a fire in my room,” said Eric Conejo.

When his sister Nevaeh Conejo saw the fire, she knew it was time to get out.

“I just told him, let’s go, and everybody started evacuating.”

Three weeks before the fire, the family’s home insurance ended, so the $75,000 worth of damage isn’t covered.

Even though the family had only lived in the house for a few months, they hope to rebuild and make this house their home once again.

Robinson has set up a GoFundMe page to help with necessities and repairs. You can find that link here.

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