Local flower shop shares secret to Valentine’s Day success


Business is blooming at Porterfield’s Flowers & Gift Shop in Topeka with Valentine’s Day right around the corner.

And in admist of all the chaos, we got to to see what it takes for their design team to put together and deliver hundreds of bouqets on the busiest day of the year for florists.

“Some more lily’s of love,” the flower man himself, David Porterfield of Porterfield Flowers said just three days before the big day of love.

“We turn down very, very few orders,” Porterfield said. “If somebody wants something, I don’t care if it’s 4:00 on Valentine’s Day afternoon, if it’s feasible we’ll do it.”

And when you think of the day of love, a rose may be the first to come to your mind.

But a different flower is coming for the rose’s money.

“The oriental lily’s, which would be stargazers and the big casablanca white lily’s, those sorts of flowers that are really fragrant and voluptuous looking. They’re so pretty and people love those.”

Now, flowers may be thought of as the go to Valentine’s Day gift, but the flower experts at Porterfield’s say, there’s more to it than that.

“The success of the holiday for florists depends on when it falls on the week,” he explained. “Because this year it’s on Thursday, so it gives people the whole four days ahead to think about ordering. So it’s a lot busier than if it were on Saturday or Sunday when you know they’re not at work and don’t have an office to send flowers to. That makes a big difference.” 

And it takes a whole design team to create success, people with decades of experience.

“It’s a magic combination.”

A combination of each flower having a specific and exact location in each vase.

“You want them to be far enough apart so they can open perfectly, and have room to shine in their own space, but you want them to also look beautiful as a whole.”

Porterfield’s has some specials going on for Valentine’s Day. You can click here to see your options. And remember, there’s always “5 buck Friday” at the flower shop.

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