Local high school students publish work in research journal


Freshman students at Seaman High School became published authors after writing essays featured in a research journal. 

A recent project for freshman gave them total freedom to come up with their own research topics. 

Students chose a variety of topics, including the life of ballet dancer Misty Copeland, pregnancy, and the role of minorities in athletics. 

Freshman English teacher Andrea Marshbank said she didn’t want students to feel as if their hard work was wasted. 

“A lot of time with students they feel like their work is only going to be seen by the teacher,” said Marshbank. “Unfortunately, that doesn’t motivate them to write in a way that mimics how they will need to write outside of the high school experience.”

Marshbank compiled the work of nearly 90 students to publish a printed paper-back book, making the students published authors.

The books are also being sold at cost for parents and teachers to buy. Copies of the book will also stay in the school’s library. 

Marshbank said that she wasn’t sure if the project would work, but after she saw the reaction from students to the book, she said she’s convinced she wants to do it in the future. 

“I’m pretty passionate that we should do this for forever and probably look at how we can publish other works in an equally meaningful format,” said Marshbank. 

It’s something that her students find just as meaningful. 

“It’s kind of weird knowing that i’m in a book basically,” said student Kendal Broughton. “It’s also really amazing to know that my name is out there and I am in a book.

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