Local man painting for veterans


“I paint for me,” Stan Metzger said. 

But now its about more than just him. And it all started from one man, a complete stranger, who simply loved his work at an art show.

“He said as a matter of fact it’s full of tranquility, so much so that I wish all the veterans would come back from Iraq, with all the horrific things they’ve been through, could have a few of your paintings to kind of help them calm down,” he said. 

And that thought haunted him for months. When finally, one idea, turned into a reality. 

“Offering veterans free downloads of any two pieces of their choice,” Metzger said. 

Finding a way to build his website so veterans can download any two pieces they like for free and print them anywhere in the world. 

“This is the one thing that I have that’s the best thing I’ve done that I can give them,” he said. “I can’t give them anything else more valuable than images of my work so that they may in some get some comfort.” 

If you are a veteran or know a veteran, visit StanMetzgerArt.com  and you can download two of his paintings for free.

Non-veterans can purchase downloads for $75 or order a print on canvas for between $110 and $375 depending on the size. 

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