In 2010, Gail Barrett from Emporia, lost her baby boy, Wade to SIDS.

She received a phone call from their daycare provider, that’s any new parents’ worst nightmare.

“That weekend we got a call from the emergency room, saying he had been taking to the hospital and he wasn’t breathing,” said Barrett.

Wade died of SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

“This is where a baby has been put down to rest, whether it’s to bed or for nap time, and the parent goes in to check on them and they are just not breathing. It’s sudden, unexpected, for no reason. They just have found the baby and they aren’t breathing, and usually doesn’t make it, if it’s found too late,” said Sarah Fager, the Safe Sleep Instructor at Newman Regional Health.

The day Wade died, Gail said there were a few risk factors involved when he was at daycare (when it happened).

“But we had been mildly educated. We knew he was supposed to be on his back, but we didn’t know there should be a fan, that pacifiers are good, we didn’t know that (being) too hot was bad. There was just things that weren’t explained to us, or we didn’t get before we had him.”

Health experts say it’s important to know your ABC’s. Alone, on their backs, in a clutter free crib.

Today, Gail is using her tragedy to make changes for others.  Alongside her husband, she’s created the Wade Barrett Memorial Fund and Emporia’s Annual Community Baby Shower.

“The hospital has really embraced this with open arms. They were quick to change their policies. They were quick to let me in and help. It’s huge for the community. We had word last year, that the SIDS deaths, have actually decreased here in Lyon County, which is one of the biggest things I could have ever hoped for,” said Barrett.

Gail’s message to parents today is, “it can happen to you. It doesn’t matter what kind of parent you are, what kind of house you live in, or who’s watching your kid. It can happen.”

That’s why she shares her story, to highlight the risks and guidelines you should know about – that could save your child’s life.

Emporia’s 2018 Community Baby Shower is Saturday, March 3rd.  For more information visit:

For information on Newman Regional Health’s “Becoming a Mom” Prenatal Class visit: and call Heather Aylward in the Women’s Health Center at 620-343-6800 ext.4499.