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"Because I like it," 99-year-old still playing the piano

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) - Howard Anderson has more years on him than his piano has keys.

But if you take a seat at one of the 99-year-olds spontaneous concerts he puts on at his assisted living facility in Topeka, you don't have to listen for long to realize he's still got it.

"I played in piano bars all over the country," Howard said. "I never know whose listening or watching."

Howard fell in love with the piano when his aunt Bernice started giving him lessons at age six.

"She was a trained pianist and I tended to improvise," he said.

Even though Howard was good enough to play the piano full time, he never did.

The piano was something he did on the side, but he never stopped loving it, like an addiction he couldn't kick.

"I've never known one time I didn't play," Howard said. "I had to have a piano."

And as the years went on he developed a taste for the finest pianos on the market.

"Now I don't like inexpensive Chinese pianos, and this is one," Howard said referring to the current piano he plays on at his assisted living facility.

As for the million dollar question, why he's still so passionate about the piano at 99, "Because I like it, and maybe I like the appreciation too."




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