2 locals joining Chiefs nation, rooting for Chiefs Sunday

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TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – We all know Chiefs Kingdom runs deep, and this season the team definitely gained some fans, a couple of newbie Chiefs fans who are hopping on the bandwagon and cheering on the team this weekend.

Debra Beurman and Angie Mape are two Chiefs fans who haven’t always rooted for the red and gold.

They both have different stories of how they learned to love the home town heroes, but now, they can’t help but cheer, “let’s go Chiefs”.

Debra Beurman has never been big into football, that is until her grandson, Nathan, started cheering at the TV during last week’s game against the Houston’s. She said she’s never gotten so excited about a football game.

“When they got down that low, you know, I didn’t see much hope,” Debra said. “But then when they started getting touchdowns it was like boom boom boom. It was like you couldn’t take your eyes off the tv.”

Now, Debra and her family are team Chiefs all the way and are channeling that excitement for Sunday’s game.

Another new Chiefs fan is a football fanatic, but this weekend she’s switching sides.

Angie Mape loves the Baltimore Ravens, but because they lost, she wants the home town team to make it all the way.

“Now, it’s 100 percent you know, go chiefs, red nation, let’s do it,” Angi said. “Let’s do the thing.”

She said the team’s ability to connect people of all backgrounds is unlike anything she’s seen from a team in the NFL.

“You could see somebody walking down the street who is wearing Chiefs gear and you’d be like, ‘hey, good game'”, Mape said. “Then all of a sudden, you’re having a five-minute conversation with a stranger.”

Debra said her entire family will be over to watch Sunday’s game and Nathan will definitely be upfront and center cheering them on.

As for Angi, she said she’ll always love the Ravens, but for now, she’ll proudly be wearing her chiefs gear, hoping they can make it to the Super Bowl.

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