TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) — Seth Varner, a 23-year-old adventurer, is embarking on a remarkable mission to explore every incorporated town in Kansas.

Through his social media and publishing company, Wandermore, Varner aims to bring these often overlooked towns into the public eye. Originally from Wahoo, Nebraska, Varner caught the travel bug during the pandemic and has already visited all the towns in Iowa and South Dakota.

Now, his focus is on uncovering the 627 incorporated towns in Kansas. To be considered an incorporated town, it needs to have received a charter from the state.

“There is absolutely something to do in every town, you just got to go out and find it,” Varner said. “It doesn’t matter if there are 50 people in that town or 500 or 5,000, you can find unique things to do, whether it is exploring old cemeteries or churches, or getting to know the history of every town.”

Varner’s ultimate goal is to shed light on lesser-known areas and expand his coverage to 10 Midwestern states. His next destination is Wyoming in 2024. To support his adventures, Varner encourages donations from those who share his passion for exploration.

Don’t miss out on Seth Varner’s exciting journey through Kansas. Follow his explorations and help him uncover the hidden treasures of the Sunflower State.

You can help support Varner’s adventures through donations. For every $5, he will add a name of a person or business to the back of his travel guide. You can find Varner’s past travel guides online by clicking here. To keep up with his travels in Kansas, go to his Facebook by clicking here.