TOPEKA (KSNT)- On the evening of Dec. 1, Riley woke up to Topeka police banging on her door, after neighbors called in about a house on fire.

Riley and her two roommates escaped the burning home in the 800 block of Southeast Chestunut Street but her dog, Lea, was still inside. Firefighters eventually were able to get Lea out and reunited with Riley.

One of her roommates was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Riley is grateful to be alive and gives the credit to the firefighters who saved her and Lea.

“You want to know what I did as soon as that firefighter brought out my dog? I hugged him,” said Goslin. “You know, I want to find out who that firefighter is because my life really depends on that dog.”

Investigator estimate damage to the structure and contents was about $26,000. They told Riley the fire started because one of her roommates left a space heater on near a mattress.

Riley says her belongings weren’t touched by the fire, but most likely have some heavy smoke damage. She doesn’t know if anything is salvageable, but she has her dog, and that’s all that matters.