5-year-old gets an early birthday gift

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TOPEKA (KSNT) — A young girl from Emporia is celebrating today after getting her cochlear implants back after losing them at the Topeka Zoo.

Lakin Sharp was enjoying Zoo Lights with her family several days ago and didn’t realize that she was missing one of her cochlear implants.

When her family got back to their house, her mother, Tiffany, realized that one of her implants was missing. She immediately took to social media to write a Facebook post asking people to look out for the implant, and included a picture so that people knew what to look for.

She never anticipated such a large response, as the post ended up receiving more than a thousand shares and almost 50 comments.

Eventually, a stranger responded saying he found the implant.

“I wasn’t expecting anybody to find it, and then Jaylen had sent me a message and a picture saying he had found it. And I just wanted to come to get it that night but I had to work the next day. I definitely wanted to cry a lot because those are very expensive. “

Lakin was excited to get her implant, and told her mom that was happy to have her “ears” back.

She received them just in time for a big milestone; her 6th birthday next week.

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